Echo Cancellation (and noise filter) with PulseAudio

I had the following problems with my microphone:

  • Low sensibility
  • Background noise

The white noise due to the high amplification needed because of the low sensibility in combination with background noise is disturbing in voice chat.

Fortunately there’s a PulseAudio module which improves the situation: The Echo Cancellation module.

Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Add the following line to /etc/pulse/ (More information about the module can be found here)
    load-module module-echo-cancel source_properties=device.description=input_with_filter
  2. Restart PulseAudio (command tells PulseAudio to quit. PulseAudio is only restart if it was started before with option –start.)
    kill -sINT pulseaudio
  3. New input device with the name “input_with_filter” should be available